We create and curate content for people who have been marginalized due to lack of resources, previous adversities or socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition, we provide hope, tools, and support affording them the opportunity to explore and capitalize on their full potential.


Our mission is to utilize music, visuals, written literature and love to reach, teach, equip and encourage growth. We aim to remove barriers between people and their pursuit to live their greatest life. We desire to build a global online and local network to support people, enrich the community and give a voice to the marginalized.

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Corey Paul is a Houston-based creative entrepreneur who has beaten the odds to achieve his success. Through his music, Paul has amassed more than 5 million streams, performed international shows, and built a strong social media presence. He has released three studio albums, two of which have placed on Billboard charts.

Corey Paul


JaMorcus Trayham is a Houston- based educator, entrepreneur, and investor. He served 8 years in the United States Air Force, including two war deployments. He graduated Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science, then went on to gain a Master of Business Administration.

JaMorcus Trayham


Victoria Hernandez is a writer and reporter who is passionate about reclaiming the art of storytelling. Since graduating from the University of Miami, Lady Viii has worked for several publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Sun-Sentinel, Genius, and served as Senior News Writer at HipHopDX for two years.

Victoria Hernandez

Writer | Reporter